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The world’s biggest manufacturer of asbestos floorings, which is also used in carpeting, says that asbestos can cause lung damage.

But the asbestos industry says there’s no evidence that asbestos causes lung cancer.

What to look for when choosing flooring article The biggest question you might be asking is, “Is it safe?”

The answer is yes.

But there are many factors to consider when deciding what flooring to choose.

And if you want to know if your flooring is safe, you’ll need to understand the basics of asbestos.

Read moreRead moreWhat to look out forThe American Cancer Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the World Health Organization all agree that asbestos is not a health hazard.

They say there’s not enough evidence to recommend it for use in carpets or other products, although there is some evidence that it can be inhaled.

And asbestos has been linked to cancer.

But they also warn that asbestos floors can be dangerous.

“Carpet manufacturers, asbestos manufacturers, and asbestos manufacturers themselves should be very concerned about the health hazards associated with asbestos floor products,” says Michael Fung, director of the Occupational and Environmental Health Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The American Association of Floor and Mattress Manufacturers (AAFM), which represents the industry, says it’s important to know how much asbestos there is in a flooring before buying it.

The AAMM says it doesn’t know the extent to which asbestos is in flooring.

“Our job is to look at the level of asbestos,” says Alan Darnell, a floor installer for AAML.

“The levels are measured in parts per million, so if you have a level that is 10 parts per billion or more, then that’s asbestos.

And that is a very large amount.”

The AAM also says it has no data on the health effects of asbestos floors, though it says that there’s been evidence that there is an association between asbestos exposure and lung cancer, reproductive effects, and premature death.

The AAFM says the evidence that carpet manufacturers use asbestos is inconsistent.

But when it comes to flooring, “we don’t have good data on whether or not that is the case,” says Dan Zweig, president and CEO of the AAF.

“So we have to go with what the scientific evidence is.”

How much does asbestos really contain?

According to the American Association for Floor and Markers (AAFME), the EPA’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there are three types of asbestos: asbestos fiber, asbestos resin, and strontium carbonate.

Strontium Carbonate is used to make the insulation for carpets.

According to NIOSH, strontial carbonate contains between 3 and 30 parts per trillion (ppt).

But it is more common in carpet than in other materials, and it’s also used to build the carpet itself.

“There’s no hard and fast rule on strontia carbonate,” says Robert Gebhardt, an occupational health expert at the University of Pittsburgh.

“It varies widely from person to person, and is probably a little bit of a mystery to people.”

According to a 2011 NIOSH report, asbestos fibers can contain up to 7 ppt of strontionate, and as much as 5 ppt in asbestos resin.

These are called high-grade asbestos fibers.

“They’re very high-tech, so they can withstand the rigors of the furnace and the heating,” says David M. Schulte, a professor of materials science and engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“But they’re also very porous, so that they can break down and can get into the lungs, so we don’t really know the exact levels of stronium carbonates.”

It’s the asbestos resin that can cause problems.

The EPA has not yet determined the extent of the risk of asbestos exposure from asbestos resins.

So far, it’s believed that asbestos resin is only 1% to 3% of the total, although NIOSH says that number could be much higher.

Strathcona is one of the most common types of resins used in carpings.

Strathscona can contain more than 3 ppt, according to NIHS.

“If you’ve got an asbestos resinous material, the chances of it breaking down in the lungs is very low,” says Schulta.

But “if you have an asbestos resin-resinous material like carpet, then there’s an increased risk.”

It is the strontioidite resin, which comes in several different types, that can pose a risk to lung health.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it is the most frequently used resins in carpeting.

In fact, in 2011, it issued a notice to carpet manufacturers saying that resins containing strontiolite (a resin with strontian acetate and stratium carbide) could pose

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