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The new asbestos-contaminated product could have adverse effects on the health of children and adults, according to a federal inquiry report.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has reported that the new product is believed to cause skin irritation and a potentially serious respiratory problem in some people.

In a report published on Tuesday, the inquiry said the product contains a highly volatile compound that could potentially cause serious respiratory problems in people who have been exposed to it.

It said the new asbestos product contains an acetylene glycol-like substance that can be inhaled, and is believed not to pose any health risk to the person who has inhaled it.

The council said the substance was found in other products made from asbestos that are still being used in the Australian community.

“This substance is highly volatile, and it is likely that it can react with some of the other substances in the product,” the report said.

“It is not clear whether these react with other substances or other compounds that are contained in the products.”

The new product contains the same acetylene-containing compound as a range of other products manufactured by the company in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, the council said.

The product has been sold in Australia by some retailers and is sold under the brand names asbestos cleaning and asbestos inhalation.

The new asbestos cleaning product is made from a mixture of a hydrocarbon-based substance and an acetylated hydrocarbon (AHA) that is more toxic than the original product.

The ABC understands the product is now available in a range that contains different components including a mixture that contains the original asbestos cleaning mixture and a mixture containing a mixture made from an AHA and a hydrocarbons mixture.

The inquiry report was released after the NSW Health Department told the inquiry that the product was available in the state.

The NSW Health department said it was reviewing the safety of the product, which it said was produced in New South Wales.

The New South Welsh Health Authority said it would consider a range a variety of safety options and would report back on the outcome.

The Australian Medical Association said the report’s findings showed asbestos-based products were not safe for children.

“All available scientific information shows that the use of asbestos-free products for personal hygiene, as well as cleaning and disinfection, poses a very small risk to children and young people,” the AMA’s chief executive, Dr Pauline Hanson, said in a statement.

“The AHA recommends that people with asthma or COPD should not use asbestos-cleaning products, and the Australian Medical Council recommends that they should not ingest asbestos-derived products, particularly products made with hydrocarbic acid.”

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