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Supreme Court on Friday ordered the appointment of a lawyer to appear for the government of New South Wales to contest the asbestos claim of asbestos industry giant PaineWebber Australia Limited.

The case of asbestos cancer, which is currently before the High Court, was launched by the state of New England in April last year.

The government’s claim that asbestos fibres are the cause of asbestos-related lung cancer is based on the hypothesis that asbestos fibers contain asbestos.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support this hypothesis.

The asbestos claim is a claim for damages arising from asbestos fibre asbestos products sold in Australia.

Paine Webber Australia Ltd (PWA), which makes asbestos fibreglass products for use in furniture, is the owner of a number of asbestos fibre products in Australia and has been selling asbestos fibrous products for the past 25 years.

It is not the first time that PWA has been accused of misleading the public about the safety of asbestos fibers.

The Australian Government, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Association of the Australian Industry have been calling for the appointment, and the Australian Chemicals Industry Association (ACIIA) has called for the immediate suspension of PWA from the asbestos industry.

PWA is also a defendant in the Paine-Sampson lawsuit, which was settled in 2014, for the sum of $10 million.

PWAA and the ASFA are represented by lawyers David Condon, Stephen McGlade and Peter Brown.

The PWA lawyers are Mr Condon and Ms McGlades.

They have previously been appointed by the government to appear as amicus curiae before the Supreme Court in an attempt to address the asbestos cancer issue.

The hearing was called by Justice Ian Smith.

I am of the view that PWAGA is not a party to the asbestos case. “

However, the matter is pending before the Court of Appeal.”

I am of the view that PWAGA is not a party to the asbestos case.

The matter has not yet come to a conclusion.

“PWAGP has not had a significant exposure to asbestos and is therefore not entitled to be represented on the asbestos claims.”

The matter was brought by the asbestos group and PWA in the High Courts in April 2015.

The High Court dismissed the asbestos fib-cancer claims in August 2015 and dismissed the PWA claim in September 2015.

It heard oral argument in October last year, which will now be heard by the Court.

The court is due to deliver its judgement on November 17, and it will then consider the matter again in December.

The Supreme Court has also heard arguments in the case in March 2017.

The first oral argument is expected to be in the first week of November, when the High Level Court will hear the appeal of the Pwaga-Somerville decision.

The Court of Dispute returns will be the first court in Australia to hear the asbestos issues.

The parties in the suit have been granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Justice David Corman SC said the case was about whether the asbestos products should be allowed to be sold in the country.

He said: The case is about whether a person’s health and welfare should be in danger by an unregulated industry.

“The asbestos claim will be heard in the Court by an amicus pro se who is entitled to access to relevant evidence and to examine relevant evidence,” he said.

“It is about the public interest, about the general public health and about the costs of asbestos products being sold.””

It is about the public interest, about the general public health and about the costs of asbestos products being sold.”

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