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A lawyer in California who has a lung condition that caused him to breathe in asbestos is trying to get a lawyer to help him fight a lawsuit filed against him by his family.

The lawsuit accuses the lawyer of deceiving the family and seeking to get $30 million in damages from the lawyer.

The lawsuit claims that the lawyer misrepresented that his client’s lung condition was chronic bronchitis and said that he was treating the patient’s lung disease and was not a lung specialist.

The case was first filed in June 2016 and is now on appeal, said Michael V. Oster, who represents the family in the case.

Oster said his client is fighting the lawsuit because the lawyer has told him he will not be able to do his job if the case goes to trial.

The suit says the lawyer’s deception to the family about his specialty in lung cancer caused him a deep personal and professional pain.

It alleges the lawyer repeatedly asked Oster to make the family suffer the costs of his work.

Oester says he was told the asbestos lawyer’s name was “John B.”

He has been unable to find any records showing the name, he said.

He said he asked the lawyer to change the name and the lawyer said he would do it for free, but Oster says the case was dismissed because he didn’t have a job.

Osters attorney, who has represented clients in similar asbestos cases, says the name was not John B. and that the name of his client was “Paul” and that he worked for the California Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

Ooster said the name change was because of the lung disease, but it was not because of his specialty.

He said he has never met Paul Oster.

Oosters lawyer has a long history of representing asbestos clients in other asbestos lawsuits.

He has represented asbestos workers in other cases, but has never represented Oster in a lung case.

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