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A bill proposed by a Democratic senator in New Jersey would require asbestos-containing sealants that are produced in New York to be tested for asbestos contamination before they can be sold in the state.

The New Jersey bill, introduced on Tuesday by Assemblyman Steve Katz (D-NJ), would require sealants produced in the Empire State to be approved for use by New York state authorities.

Under current law, sealants manufactured in the United States must be certified to be free of asbestos, which is found in many of the same materials used in asbestos-filled construction materials.

Currently, sealers made in the US must pass a similar test to those in New Zealand, Australia, France, China, Italy and the UK before they are allowed to be sold there.

But Katz’s bill would make asbestos-free sealants the new requirement in New Hampshire, the state with the largest population of asbestos-contaminated homes.

Asbestos is a toxic substance that can penetrate human lungs and cause cancer and other diseases.

In a statement, Katz said the bill was a “common sense” effort to prevent asbestos from reaching homes and businesses in New England.

“Asbestos has become a huge health hazard in the Northeast and across the country,” Katz said.

“I hope this legislation will ensure that the sealants in our state have the same asbestos-safe certification as those in other states.

I look forward to seeing the impact of this new law.”

Katz’s bill, SB 1322, was approved in the House by a vote of 74-36 on Monday.

In the Senate, the bill is currently awaiting action.

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