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The title of this article is a bit off.

That’s because you’re not even a scientist.

The phrase you are reading here comes from a quote from an article by Harvard Business School professor Joseph Turchin, in which he said that, “People often say ‘science is like a joke,’ but in fact science is a serious business and there are serious consequences for serious behavior.”

In this case, Turchimin said that the jokes in a joke are “real” and “significant.”

So what does that mean?

Well, it means that there are many types of scientific humor that can be made and used in real life.

In fact, a lot of research shows that people who have more of a scientific bent tend to be more successful at scientific pursuits.

The funniest scientific jokes have often involved scientific concepts that are either a little bit obscure or that are hard to understand, like how water gets from the ocean to the atmosphere, or how a human is able to move through the air at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

So, there are definitely real-world examples of scientific jokes in which humor is made with scientific concepts.

But what about real life?

Well let’s start with the most common scientific humor.

Science is a Serious Business One of the most famous jokes in scientific literature is “Doing the Science,” written by the French physicist Henri Poincaré.

In Poincart’s famous experiment, he had a small box full of a particular type of bacteria, and he poured the water from the box onto the ground.

He then put the box back on the ground, and, as you can imagine, this is when things went very wrong.

The bacteria began to grow.

The water, which had been poured onto the soil, began to pool on the soil.

Then Poincarcas experiment was repeated and the experimenter was left with a box full in which the bacteria had grown.

In this experiment, Poincars experiment was done in the laboratory, where there was a little more than 100 microliters of water in the box, with a little less than 5% of that water left over from the experiment.

If you take a look at the video below, you can see the experiment in action.

The video shows Poincas experiment, and you can also see the reaction of Poincare himself when he saw the experiment gone horribly wrong.

Poincs experiment is the classic example of a serious scientific joke.

Science in the real world can be a real challenge and sometimes it can even be frustrating.

So how can you be funny at a scientific conference?

First, be careful of the exact amount of water you are pouring on your workpiece, as it can be very difficult to estimate how much water will actually come out.

Second, be sure that you are not making a huge splash.

It’s not uncommon for scientists to be in the lab for a few minutes and then be back at their desk, and then they will have to go home and fix it.

For this reason, scientists do a lot more research and are less likely to use jokes that make the lab seem like a laboratory.

Science does not always have to be serious.

It can be fun and educational, and sometimes there are very funny scientific jokes you can make with your own work.

So if you are a science enthusiast, you should probably give this one a try.

Have you ever made a science joke?

Let us know in the comments below.

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