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In Ottawa, there’s no shortage of people talking about what they saw when they visited the former site of the Enbridge pipeline.

But there’s also a lot of people who want to know more.CBC Ottawa spoke to two people who have seen the former Site C coal-fired power plant.

One of them, a retired federal employee, says it’s a nightmare to see the construction site where thousands of tonnes of asbestos were removed from a coal-burning power plant site.

The site is now a gravel parking lot with only a few vehicles allowed to drive in.

The former Enbridges plant was built in the late 1980s, but was never used for construction work.

A former Enbarr power plant manager says the demolition site was not well-constructed.

He says it is not a pleasant place to look at.

In the last decade, many Canadians have noticed a spike in asbestos-related illnesses, with hundreds of cases reported to Health Canada.CBC Toronto has also reported on asbestos related illnesses.

The health department has reported cases in Canada to the U.S. and has identified a number of Canadian sites where asbestos-containing materials have been found.

An Enbridge spokesman told CBC Toronto that “environmental safety is the responsibility of Enbridge.”

He said the company has not received a request for comment from the CBC.

The Canadian Association of Occupational Health and Safety has also warned that the health of the workers who work onsite is important.CBC News has also learned that some workers have been leaving their jobs without a pay raise for years.

In fact, some workers say they’ve been receiving benefits that weren’t paid to them before the Enbark plant was shut down.CBC has reached out to the Enbrarks CEO for comment.

The CBC Ottawa article also noted that Enbridge has not yet responded to requests for comment on whether or not they will be able to resume operations in the future.

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