Asbestos Testing>asbestos

The writer, who has been in the IT sector for more than 15 years, lost his sight due to asbestos removal work in 2006.

He says he was working for a contractor at a residential building in Mumbai, and his eyesight was deteriorating over the years.

He had suffered from chronic eye fatigue, and it had become very difficult for him to perform his job as he was unable to focus on the task at hand.

In the end, the company did not have enough money to pay him, so he went to court, asking for a refund of the Rs 1.9 lakh he was paid.

He lost his job and his income as well.

The court granted him a Rs 2 lakh compensation.

The author, who lives in a slum area, was in denial about his condition.

He wanted to sue the company he worked for, and for the money he had been paid, he wanted to get his glasses back.

“The only thing I was hoping for was to get the glasses back and I was so desperate to get them back.

I thought that if I could get the money back, I would be able to pay for the glasses and be able work again,” he told NDTV.

He was also in denial that asbestos cloth was an effective asbestos removal agent.

“I had no idea that asbestos had been removed by this type of cloth.

I had no clue,” he said.

The man is now suing the company for Rs 5 lakh, alleging negligence and breach of contract.

“It was a mistake that was made in the course of the company,” he alleged.

The company denies the allegations.

The lawyer representing the author is also seeking a refund for the amount he is owed.

It is also alleged that the company didn’t have enough funds to pay the workers, and that it didn’t properly monitor the workers to make sure they were not wearing asbestos-treated clothing, a practice the company had stopped.

“I think they should be liable for the damage caused by the workers.

They have failed to protect us from asbestos,” the writer said.

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