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Experts are now coming to terms with the risks of asbestos, which is a highly toxic substance and is used to make coatings, carpeting, door frames, paint and more.

Asbestos is known to cause cancer and to be carcinogenic to humans, with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noting that up to 40 per cent of all cancers can be linked to exposure to asbestos.

It can also cause lung and bowel damage and damage to bones.

A large amount of asbestos has been removed from the building stock in Australia, but some manufacturers still make asbestos wraps for homes and businesses.

“It’s a very dangerous substance and we need to take care,” Dr Mark Gower, of the University of Sydney’s Centre for Occupational Health, told “Asbestos has a lot of potential as a health hazard but we need more research.”

As a result of its use, it can cause health problems to people, including skin cancer, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, skin infections, cardiovascular disease and even death.

While the Australian Government has banned the use of asbestos products in residential buildings and workplaces, some manufacturers continue to make asbestos-based wrap for use in indoor spaces.

There is currently no scientific research linking the use and the health risks of brown and black asbestos.

Asbestos wraps can also pose a risk to people with asthma, which can cause breathing difficulties and breathing problems that can lead to shortness of breath, shortness or even coma.

The Australian Government’s Environment Protection Authority has recommended that consumers avoid asbestos products.

Australian Health says it has taken action to make sure that asbestos products are not used in homes.

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