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A new government plan to help people with asbestos exposure has raised questions over the feasibility of a voluntary insurance scheme that has been floated as an alternative to the mandatory one.

The Government’s plan is to set up a fund to pay up to $3,000 to people who have died from asbestos-related diseases, and to pay $1,000 a year to any family that has lost a loved one.

Asbestos is a class A carcinogen and the National Health Service has said it is not possible to eliminate it.

The scheme is being presented as an option to help pay for the removal of asbestos siding and other non-hazardous materials, but it could end up costing the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars.

However, the government is trying to get rid of the mandatory scheme, and the insurance scheme is part of its plans to do so.

The National Health Association (NHA) has welcomed the new scheme as an “important contribution to tackling the asbestos problem”.

But it said the money would not cover the costs of the remediation of asbestos-damaged buildings, and it would have to be paid for by the Government.

It said it was important that asbestos removal was not just a matter of insurance, but also an important part of a national plan to eradicate the deadly disease.

The government is also proposing to introduce a new health plan to pay out $2,000 for a family that loses a loved-one.

The plan is designed to cover costs associated with asbestos removal.

However, it could cost $1 million.

But the insurance plan, proposed by Health Minister Dr Andrew Colvin, would cover the expenses of the cost of a family of five.

“It would provide a very significant amount of money to help those who have lost a family member or loved one to asbestos-induced diseases, but the Government is still deciding whether it is appropriate to pay it out,” NHA chief executive Chris McGovern said.

“The Government is looking at whether it should provide a new insurance scheme to pay people for the costs associated.”

There are other ways of providing support that will cost the taxpayer less than the mandatory asbestos scheme.

“Asbestos death The NHA said it would be very concerned if the government set up an insurance scheme, which would then end up being funded by the taxpayer.”

This is a serious threat to the Government’s plans to eradicate asbestos-associated diseases and there is no way to stop this from happening.

“The insurance scheme should not be considered an alternative.”

Any scheme that fails to pay its own costs would be an unsustainable and costly system that will not help to tackle the growing problem of asbestos deaths.

“No one should be forced to pay the cost for asbestos-caused deaths of loved ones.”

It also said it hoped the insurance would be more cost-effective than the compulsory scheme.

NHA has recommended that a voluntary scheme for those with asbestos-affected diseases be introduced.

The plan also states that people who lose a loved ones to asbestos will be given a “life insurance” to pay their share of the costs.

“We would urge the Government to make the voluntary insurance compulsory, rather than voluntary insurance for those who die with asbestos,” the NHA’s Mr McGovern told the ABC.

Asheland trust fundThe NHA is calling for the Government “to fund a fund which will provide insurance for anyone who has been seriously injured or killed by asbestos-infected asbestos.”

“This will ensure the insurance fund is financially sustainable and will provide financial assistance for the families who have been affected by the health problems associated with the disease,” it said.

“Insurance will be available for those people who die or are seriously injured in the course of the work of a Government body or a contractor or contractor of the Government.”

The NCA said the Government should be providing a guarantee that people will be paid “fairly” for the work done by contractors and contractors of the government, which it called “a critical pillar of the plan to reduce the impact of asbestos”.

“This should be the case regardless of whether the work is paid for or not,” it added.

“Asbestos workers should be paid at least the standard rate for work done.”

The Government has been in talks with the Government of Queensland to establish a new national plan for tackling the disease, which is estimated to kill more than 30,000 Australians each year.

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