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The “Inspecter Gadget” could be the next big thing in the shingle industry.

The gadget, which was first proposed by a UK company last year, would allow contractors to inspect the insulation and repair work of their shingled buildings.

The idea is to save contractors the time and money of having to go to the local council for permission to do this work.

The inventor of the gadget, Dr John Loughan, told New Scientist that it would not be cheap.

It would cost contractors less money to inspect their shingle buildings than to hire a professional contractor, which is much more expensive.

“I’ve had some people say, ‘Well, why would you want a professional to do that?'” he said.

But what is a shingle? “

What the gadget is trying to do is, for a lot of shingle contractors, they’re just getting by on one of those low-quality contractors that do a bad job.”

But what is a shingle?

Asbestos shingle construction is one of the most complex and expensive building materials in the world.

The building is usually made of fibreglass, and is often filled with asbestos.

It is very brittle and can crack and fall apart over time.

The fibreglas also become brittle, and when exposed to high temperatures and high pressures, it can rupture.

It can also be a source of health problems, such as cancer.

“There are hundreds of thousands of shinglers in Britain, so it’s very difficult to actually inspect them, and the risk of injury to shingle workers is very high,” said Dr Loughans.

“You need to do the very high temperatures, the high pressures and the very low humidity to really make the fibre brittle enough to do a real, long-term job of shinging.”

It is also expensive.

He said the cost of a shingler is roughly around £1,000.

The prototype is still being developed and could be up and running within six months, Dr Lighan said.

It could also be used in the workplace.

“The cost of shiving is probably lower than that of any other construction that’s been done, but that is a huge barrier for the shingle industry,” he said, adding that there are “a whole host of other factors” that contribute to shinglings’ high cost.

In the UK, the average cost of asbestos shingle repair is around £20,000, according to the National Fire Service. “

It’s a bit like the insurance industry where you can get an insurance policy with no money attached to it, and that’s probably why shinglling is so expensive.”

In the UK, the average cost of asbestos shingle repair is around £20,000, according to the National Fire Service.

This includes labour and materials costs and maintenance.

“That’s probably a bit high,” Dr Laughan said, “but I think there are a lot more people out there who have the experience to do it properly and can do it effectively.”

The device is a prototype, but there is still a lot to be done before it could be deployed.

Dr Laugans told New Zealand’s Herald Sun newspaper that he had been working on the gadget for several years and that the initial prototype cost about £400.

It will take some time to make sure it works well.

But he said that the gadget was “a big step” forward.

In a future article, New Scientist will look at how the gadget will change the shinging industry.”

And you can also make a lot less money doing it than doing it in a garage, which we have in the UK.”

In a future article, New Scientist will look at how the gadget will change the shinging industry.

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