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A New Zealand-based health and safety law firm is exploring the potential use of asbestos removal technology to remove asbestos from buildings and homes, after years of lobbying from governments and asbestos industry groups.

Key points:Auckland City Council has spent $5 million on research into the potential of asbestos-reversed asbestos removalTechnological advancements have seen the removal of asbestos from some homes in Auckland and New Zealand in recent yearsThe technology has been used successfully in Australia and the UKFor the first time, researchers from a private firm have been asked to examine the potential for using asbestos removal to remove the toxic compound from asbestos buildings and pavements.

Asbestos removal technology is being used successfully to remove a number of toxic compounds from buildings in Auckland, Auckland City Council said in a statement.

“We’re excited to have been granted a study on the use of technology in the removal process.

This is the first step in our ongoing work to explore how asbestos removal could be used to remove toxic substances from buildings,” Auckland City Councillor Andrew D’Entremont said.

The council said it was not yet known how long the study would take.

The city has spent about $5.5 million since 2005 on research and testing related to asbestos removal.

The City Council was asked to undertake the study because of the potential to save lives.

The Auckland City Health and Environmental Services Authority said it had also received a request from the Government to study the technology.

“The Auckland Health and Environment Agency has received an application from a government department to undertake a study into the use and possible safety of asbestos remediation,” a spokeswoman said.

“A Government-appointed consultant will carry out a feasibility study and advise on the best use of the technology.”

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