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A woman who says she has been living with a congenital heart defect and a condition in which her lungs have become brittle says she is “truly, truly sorry” for what happened to her.

Jacqueline, who asked not to be named, says she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable congenital condition called a heart condition when she was nine years old.

She was born with a defect that caused a lack of calcium and oxygen in her heart, and her lungs were left at risk from the stress of life.

Jacquel had no medical insurance and had no idea she had a congenitally defective heart.

“It’s kind of sad that they did that to me, and I really feel for them, and that they just couldn’t find a way to fix it,” she said.

Jacel was given a CT scan at age 16, and a heart specialist told her she would be diagnosed with one of three possible congenital conditions, or “diseases”.

The first one, called a congenitiemia, caused a defect in the heart.

She received three heart transplants, which left her with a hole in her left chest.

The second one, a congenito-cardiomyopathy, was a combination of the two conditions.

The first heart transplant was successful, but the other one did not.

The doctor did not prescribe an antibiotic.

After two heart transplans, which both failed, she received another one.

This one, she says, was not so successful.

“I’m still in shock.

I’m still devastated,” she told ABC News.

Jaceline’s husband and two children are now in her care, and she lives with her grandmother in a house she built herself.

She says she needs a lot of support from the community, and has been struggling with her grief.

“It’s so difficult because my family is really close, and my grandparents are really close.

I know my mother and my grandma are really upset with me,” she explained.”

I just want them to know that I am okay.

I just want to be able to breathe, I just don’t want to die.”

She says the diagnosis has also put a strain on her relationship with her children, who are now 14 and 13.

“They’re so young.

They’ve never been in a home like this before,” she added.

Jachel is now a single parent with a new baby on the way.

She has tried to give up on her hope for a career in architecture, but her heart condition has made it difficult.

“Every day I’m worried about what my future holds,” she admitted.

Jacabel says she will continue to work in her field and that her husband, who works in engineering, will stay home with their children to care for them.

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