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A worker in Alberta has had to work for more than a year to earn enough money to buy a new flooring.

“You’re never going to live that long,” said Julia Montana, a mother of three who started working at a Popcorn Floor in Edmonton in 2011.

She’s now making enough to live on.

She and her husband have had to pay more than $1,000 for a floor, which they say was a bit expensive.

“If you’re not in the industry, you don’t have a roof over your head,” she said.

“It’s not a good thing to be living in.

I think people are just too lazy to make it work.”

In fact, there are more than 700,000 people working in Alberta’s construction industry, according to the Canadian Association of Occupational Health and Safety.

The average salary in Alberta is $45,000, compared to the national average of $50,000.

However, a worker who has worked for a Popcor floor in the past year can earn up to $66,000 in Alberta, according the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

It takes a worker about three months to earn $6,000 a year.

While it may seem like a lot, Montana said it’s a small amount of money.

“I think the people are working so hard to make sure they don’t go broke,” she explained.

The Popcor workers also say they’ve noticed the building boom has affected the industry.

“There’s not enough money coming in,” Montana added.

“We’re losing people.”

In the past few years, the province has had an increase in construction jobs.

But there’s been an increase of around 8 per cent since the peak in 2012, according with the Alberta Building Trades Council.

The number of workers employed in the construction industry has been increasing, as well.

The council says that has caused some problems for workers in the last year.

Construction industry workers were on the verge of a major wage increase, when the province stopped paying them for three months.

Construction workers are paid between $16 and $19 an hour, and they say they were getting paid more than they were in the previous three years.

Construction jobs were also on the rise for women.

The Ontario Construction Workers’ Federation, the largest union in the province, said it is concerned with how the construction boom has impacted construction workers.

“The wage bill for the construction workers has gone up by $9 million,” said Mike O’Connor, president of the union.

“They are going to be working harder for less.”

The provincial government says the number of construction workers in Alberta will not be affected.

“Alberta is a world leader in high-tech construction,” said Alison Thiele, minister of labour and employment.

“A lot of our people have jobs in the high-technology sectors, so they’re working long hours in the heat and cold of summer.

That’s not something that’s going to change.”

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