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On Wednesday, a court in England will decide if an Irish company can go to court to have its claim to have an asbestos-tainted product, called the Excalibur, recognised in Ireland.

Key points:The Excalibre was a device used in the 1980s and 1990s to clean asbestos, but it is now believed to be contaminated with the same toxin as asbestosSource: Claire Deveny/PA WireThe company, Excaliber, had been seeking permission from the Irish Department of Health and the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) to use the product in Ireland as part of its remediation programme.

The HPRA has until April 7 to make a decision on whether ExcalIBre meets the standards for use in the country.

The Excelerator is currently being tested by Excalber, an Irish-based company.

The company said it was looking forward to the hearing, which will be attended by lawyers from the UK and US.

It said it had conducted its own independent review of Excalerbs results, which showed that Excaleria products were no more toxic than other types of asbestos products.

It added that Excelerators use of a “toxic mixture” was not allowed in the EU.

“There is a clear risk that Exceliberic’s products pose to health and the environment, and the company is committed to taking every precaution to safeguard its environment,” it said.

The decision will not impact on the use of Exceleribre, which is already licensed to use a range of different asbestos products, including those made by the French company BASF, which has been found to have a higher contamination rate than Excalera.

The UK government is also considering legislation to allow manufacturers of other kinds of asbestos-containing products to be licensed to sell in Ireland, following the UK’s decision to ban the sale of products made from asbestos by its state-owned company, The Ulster Enterprise.

This is a developing story.

Please check back for updates.

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