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A new study by the American Association of Occupational Therapists (AAT) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the use of a new synthetic polymer made from a single ingredient is far more effective than a typical dust control product.

The new polymer, called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), is used in many industrial products, including the plastic bags and packaging used in some office furniture, and the paint used in the insulation on buildings.

PBDEs are commonly used in home insulation, as well as in air conditioners, and in some consumer products such as the caulking used in ovens.

In the study, published online by the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, researchers found that using a new polymer called PFGE-16-3 was nearly as effective as a dust control material, called PBDE-14.

The study also showed that PBDE dust control had a significant impact on indoor air quality, especially for indoor air that was exposed to indoor air with higher levels of fine particles, which can accumulate on surfaces such as floors, walls, ceiling tiles, and ceiling fans.

PFGEs are a class of chemical compounds that include PBDE, polybichromates (PBFCs), and other compounds that have the chemical structure of a single molecule.

The group analyzed data from the National Occupational Health Survey (NOSH), which was conducted by the Centers and states across the country between 2006 and 2015.

The NOSH is a survey that collects data on health issues that impact workers in the workplace.

The researchers found the use and effectiveness of PBDE was linked to the amount of indoor air pollutants that were present in an area, as measured by levels of PM 2.5, which is tiny particles that can cause respiratory illness, asthma, and lung damage.

In general, PM 2, or fine particulate matter, is a very fine, fine particulates that are often the primary cause of exposure to particulate pollution.

In this case, PM 10 is the most important component of PM 10 and is a form of air pollutant, according to the NOSH.

In their study, the researchers compared the levels of indoor PM 2 and PM 10 pollution in two different locations.

In one of the locations, the levels were measured in the air quality monitoring system in a building, while the other was in a rural area.

The use of PFGE was associated with an average increase in indoor PM 10 levels of approximately 4 percent.

“Although the overall increase in PM 2 [particulate matter] levels was not statistically significant, the use by the PFGE product group was associated significantly with an increase in average PM 2 levels in the two locations, with an additional 2 percent increase in the rural location,” the study said.

“Our results indicate that the PFDE-16 polymer can be used as a product that can be an effective tool for the reduction of indoor airborne PM 2.”

While the researchers did not specifically examine the effects of using a PFGE material, the study authors said the results are consistent with other studies that have found PFGE products to be an attractive choice for reducing PM 2 , and that they could be used in other industries that face similar air quality issues.

“Given the potential benefits of PFGES as a respiratory protection product, it would be advantageous to use this product in other occupational settings,” the researchers wrote.

“A variety of other compounds, including PBDE and polybiphenylenes, are commonly produced from PFGE and can be more environmentally friendly.”

The study authors also noted that the results also showed PFGE dust control was associated to a significant reduction in indoor air PM 10 exposure, which may explain why PFGE is now more commonly used as dust control.

The authors of the study also noted there is still research needed to understand the specific mechanisms by which PFGE affects air quality.

“The effectiveness of PFG as a material for indoor indoor air control has not been examined in a large-scale study and the current study is limited by the lack of a large population sample,” they said.

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