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Cleaning up asbestos-stained carpet is the key to avoiding further damage to lungs.

But it’s a delicate process that involves using chemicals that aren’t yet approved for use in the U.S. And it can be a lengthy, expensive affair.

Asbestos can be hard to get rid of, especially after years of exposure.

The industry has developed a number of methods to get around the problem, including using a chemical called polyethylene glycol to help remove the asbestos, and using other chemicals to protect against the spread of the fungus.

But those methods can be expensive, and the chemicals can also be harmful.

Now, researchers have developed a new technique for using inexpensive, non-toxic chemicals to help with the job.

This method has the potential to reduce the cost and increase the safety of asbestos removal in the future.

“This is the first time we’ve shown that we can make a low-cost, low-waste solution for asbestos removal,” says Robert Siegel, an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico and the first author on the paper.

The technique, which is still in its experimental stage, can be used to remove the woody, fibrous substance that can clog up carpets, but it also can be effective at removing the asbestos-containing fibers that can build up around the carpets.

For this reason, it could prove useful for people who have carpet that’s been contaminated with asbestos.

Siegel says the technique could be especially helpful for people in low-income communities where asbestos has been a problem for years.

The new method, called Cyl-Seal, is already used in the United Kingdom to remove asbestos from carpets and other surfaces.

It’s a simple and inexpensive process.

Sockets of material are mixed with a solvent and heated to about 200 degrees Celsius.

Then, a layer of Cylsulfuronate is applied, which forms a protective layer.

Skelings team then uses an electric mixer to mix the mixture and add water to it.

The mixture is then heated to 180 degrees Celsius to make a foam.

Then a thin layer of polyethylenethelene, or PET, is added to the mix.

The foam is then cooled to room temperature, before being coated with a layer the same color as the carpet.

This foam is sprayed on the carpet, allowing it to be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.

It takes about six hours to fully clean a carpet with the new method.

The process can also help remove asbestos fibers in the carpet from above, by spreading them around.

The researchers found that they could also remove asbestos on the carpet surface from below.

“We are basically using the same process to get at the fibers,” Siegel said.

Selsing says the new technique could also be useful for homeowners who have carpets that are contaminated with toxic substances such as arsenic and lead.

The material can be applied to carpets by spraying it on them, or by applying a chemical that traps the fibers in a sprayer, but the chemical used by the researchers is currently unregulated.

But they believe that the technique will be useful when it comes to carpeting carpets in places like rural areas where there’s been a long history of asbestos contamination.

“This could be very useful for areas that have had an asbestos problem for a long time,” Skeling said.

“You can apply the same technique to carpettas that have been damaged or that haven’t been cleaned in a long period of time.

So it could be useful in those areas.”

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